Thursday, May 01, 2014

Ten Essays I am (not) Writing While in Paris

Ten Essays I am (not) Writing While in Paris:

"Autohallucinating in Asynchronous Realtime: Experiential Research and the Art of Ubiquitous Performance"

"Undermining the Subjective Production of Indebted Man: Hacking Professorial Identity by Reconfiguring the Nomadic Post-Self"

"'The Simultaneous Data of the Actual Sensory Situation': the black art of making things without code"

"'To write during a prophetic illuminative seizure': hacking reality by intuitively faking your way through it"

"Beyond Digital Being: Becoming and Perishing in the Age of Glitch Aesthetics"

"'An Intense Experience is an Aesthetic Fact': Becoming-Whitehead in Philosophy's Trippy Aftermath"

"Unfollowing Oneself as a Measure of Ontological Complexity: Prehending Thingness in the Practice of Everyday Wife"

"Mirroring Neurons as Literary Agency: How Postmodernism Changed Our Character(s) and Spawned the Coming Reign of Conceptual Personae"

"Prosthetic Aesthetics: The Internet as Collaboratively Generated User-Consciousness in the Age of Connection Addiction"

"Do Vegans Swallow? Protein Substitutes for An Artificial Intelligentsia Always Already Craving Processed Organics" (hat tip:


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