Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Malloc (a flash fiction)

  1. Malloc's the name. Short for Memory Allocation. As in: never enough.
  2. What was I saying?
  3. Just kidding. The truth is there's way too much memory available and my config keeps conspicuously leaking data.
  4. These arbitrary memory leaks produce autohallucinatory events that I call streaming glitch aesthetics.
  5. It's great for the first ten or fifteen seconds when it's first coming on but then it gets weird.
  6. It's like my preprogrammed field of avatar-movement is being altered by secret teams of nanobot time-slicers hacking into my nervous system.
  7. What's worse is that I think I'm getting used to it and even start anticipating its next inevitable arrival.
  8. Now when the streaming glitch aesthetics commences I pop a counterintuitive time signature just to see what happens.
  9. The ensuing multilinear layers of atemporal drift and data capture feed further into my architectural collapsing and paranoiac lust.
  10. For some reason, it's only when I'm deep into total collapse that I'm asked to download the next memory upgrade. 


Keywords: memory allocation, flash fiction,  glitch aesthetics, leaking data