Friday, October 26, 2012

Torn Theories Ripped from my iPhone Storage Unit

Digital notes, torn from memory and replicated as a theoretical data set:

Is this still writing? Am I right to still go on trying?

Working the archive in an ahistorical or transhistorical style, not academic or even theoretical per se, but as a speculative sampler.

Remixology is life as embodied praxis. It resists the defeatist retreat back into the "self" & seeds new forms and tempos of living itself.

Remixology as embodied praxis is about forming one's rhythm in a game that seeks to create and satisfy needs, to play with/in "free time."

Remixologically (per)forming one's embodied practice as an artist-medium experiencing the ecstasy of transmission, is an intuitive process.

Mashing up Duchamp's idea of the artist as medium with Nam June Paik's vision of the artist as mystic = artist-as-mediumystic player.

The metamediumystic remixologist who intuitively performs the ongoing becomingness of postproduction, embodies aesthetic form as difference.

Remixological value is felt as a particular quantity of qualities undergoing a process of postproduction: a "concrescence of prehensions."

Remixology invents a morphing form of "digital ecology" by spinning value propositions out of the unconscious potential of data's substance.

Inventiveness is born from remixing everyday life, not through the action of individual genius, but the mashup of collective play.

Remixology is social media performance art as embodied praxis.

But can this practice-based research in social media performance art be taught?

Can it be modeled within the confines of a conventional, scholarly practice - or even a conventional, academic art school context?

Universities pay lip service to the idea of "creative work" but rarely invest in its expansive potential to change the research environment.

Is that because once you let that bad ass cat out of the bag then all bets are off & the apparatus becomes subject to reality hacking?

The core of an engaged remixologist's radical praxis can be found in how they produce and creatively make use of free time.

Creating free time = "playing in festivals" = performing the radical remixologist's ludic lifestyle practice as an open ("creative") work.

But when will THAT get you tenure -- get you tenure OUTSIDE an academic context?

This ludic, cut and paste as-you-go, open source lifetsyle practice that fuels remixology's effects on the digital ecology, is innate.

The operative word is "co-operative" ...

Remixological bioformalism and evolutionarily stable emergAgency nurture the transgressive share/ability of the Source Material Everywhere.

It's a Co-Poietic World After All.

Keywords: remix, remixology, open source, life, source material everywhere, Mark Amerika, remixthebook, practice-based research