Monday, June 11, 2012

FILMTEXT 2.0 by Mark Amerika on Exhibit at the Moscow International Film Festival

On June 22, 2012, I will be releasing my new artwork, Museum of Glitch Aesthetics, a major transmedia narrative that includes an array of digital video art, Net art, animated GIFs, digitally expanded and mobile phone cinema, live A/V, 8-bit Google Street Photography and an entire (mock) comedy album. There will also be a freely downloadable e-book or, if you prefer, you can buy a limited edition print version (what makes it limited is that it will only be available online for a limited period of time). The work is a new commission with the Abandon Normal Devices program in Manchester, UK.

But before we get into all of that, I wanted to announce how thrilled I am to be a part of the 2012 Media Forum exhibition, "The Immersion: Towards Haptic Cinema," as part of the 2012 Moscow International Film Festival. My work, FILMTEXT 2.0, will be on exhibit at The Ekaterina Cultural Foundation from June 22 — August 19, 2012 and is curated by art historian, curator, and director of the MediaLab in Moscow, Olga Shishko.

Check out this partial list of artists and filmmakers who I am exhibiting with: Dziga Vertov, Sergei Eisenstein, Nam June Paik, Peter Greenaway, Kazimir Malevich, Ken Jacobs, Hans Richter, Pia Tikka, Valie Export, Luis Bunuel, Stein and Woody Vasulkas, and many others.

In addition to checking out the exhibition Web site here, you can also download the program (as a PDF file) here.

When I was making FILMTEXT 2.0, I had Vertov in mind as a creative precursor for the kind of digitally-expanded and interactive forms of cinema I was hoping to invent. To be exhibited with him (and Eisenstein) in Moscow at their international film festival is an honor.

For a completely different take on my experiments in mobile cinema, feel free to visit the Immobilité Web site and, while you're at it, here's a funny story related to Immobilité's synergy with Pasolini's Teorema.

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