Monday, April 23, 2012

Social Media Art Manyfesto [Remixed by Mark Amerika]

Social Media Art Manyfesto (A Draft)
[Remixed by Mark Amerika]

"Are there any predecessors for this kind of sustained obedience to corporeality?"

"Our digital histories are as much mythologies as anybody else's."

"Like pre-Internet curators who still hope to build their castles in the sky, we too strategize our endeavor to 'make' art history. It's just that we collaborate and they exclude."

"As online personae, we remix ourselves via a wide range of conceptual filters that are programmed to attack genres and formats that we find culturally constipated."

"This is what it means to distribute persona as shareware. We circulate our intersubjectivity through the networked space of flows."

"We see the world we live in and the networks we circulate our digital images in as if we ourselves had become digital devices capturing and selectively manipulating data for our own rhetorical readings into the (re)mixed realities our bodies navigate through while drifting."

"We do all of this as One."

“Maybe it's all just Girl Talk, as in: 'This shit is not about me, it’s about all of us, ’cause we’re the same motherfuckin’ person.'”

"The principle of Pessoan heteronymphomania (of [be]coming a discontinuous versioning of a 'self' that never existed in the first place so why not give it all away for free and let yourself go?) - is what keeps us vital as postproduction mediums continuously seeking our way out to a clearing."

"Digital art personae operate in the zone of unrealtime, becoming waves of rhythmic atemporality, defamiliarizing all of their poetic phrasing as a way to extend the possibilities of breath and parting lines, so that they can then feel the ultimate high an artist is capable of experiencing."

"This is our collective state of mind as we automagically generate fictional personae-as-shareware while circulating in the networked space of flows (think of it as experientially tagging and/or remixologically inhabiting the socially-infused Source Material Everywhere)."

"Contemplating ourselves as digital flux personae, we intuitively navigate the networked space of flows where the resonance of all that has come before pulsates like an archive fever waiting to be discovered so that it too can be sampled from and remixed into a temporary aesthetic form that struggles to exist in the flow of readymade impermanence."

"We are an aesthetic force triggering full body mutation."

"This intense instant, atemporal and libidinal, comes with laughter, like a joyful wisdom rocketing with skeletal power."

"One cannot be taught how to become a social media artist. Just like Eleanor Antin's 'art-making machine,' Nam June Paik's 'mystic who forgets himself' or Amerika's 'digital flux persona,' that fiction has to be generated by an embodied praxis en route to becoming a postproduction medium i.e. one who trains themselves to tap into their unconscious creative potential and who is deftly aware of the fact that these constructed personae need not be construed as alien alter-egos set in opposition to the prefabricated realities of a 'normal' consuming self but in a more positive sense use their constructed personae to advance the networked distribution of Creativity itself."

"In this way, all social media artists are novelty generators. We use the apparatus to manyfest aesthetic différance."

Keywords: Social Media Manyfesto, Mark Amerika, digital practice, art history, Creativity [itself]