Friday, August 19, 2011

Everything, All At Once: A Review of Mark Amerika's remixthebook

remixthebook: Everything, all at once. (a review of Mark Amerika's hybrid book/web project by Mark Hancock for furtherfield)
The challenge in trying to review a book like Mark Amerika’s Remixthebook, is the feeling you can only do justice to the text by doing the same with your review. The apparent simplicity coupled with the multifarious outcomes are intoxicating. You could be mistaken for believing that every possible remix would produce fresh and exciting outcomes. The key of course, is to have good source material in the first place. Also, to have developed a keen eye for what blends and meshes together and what doesn’t. Even the most disparate work requires judgment and prior awareness. Remixthebook asks us to consider the idea of remixology as part of the work of modern artists. The tone and style of the book is a blend of ideas, voices and thoughts with a myriad of concepts, which attempts to be the very embodiment of the ideas it espouses.
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Keywords: Mark Amerika, remixthebook, review, furtherfield