Friday, August 05, 2011 is live

The website, the digital component to my new book, remixthebook (University of Minnesota Press), is now live.

From the About page:
One of the main reasons remixthebook is more than a print book published by the prestigious University of Minnesota Press is that the work expands the concept of writing to include multimedia art forms composed for networked and mobile media environments. The website is the online hub for the digital remixes of many of the theories generated in the print book and features the work of artists, creative writers and scholars for whom the practice and theory of remix art is central to their research interests. Since one of the primary aims of the project is to create a collaborative and cross-disciplinary approach to the way contemporary theory is performed, and to anticipate future forms of art and writing that challenge traditional modes of scholarly production while still taking on the philosophical issues of our time, the remixthebook project could be considered an open content platform for others to use as source material for their own art work, literary creations, 21st century multimedia theory, and/or innovative coursework.
I highly recommend checking it out as it features amazing art and writing from some of our most provocative artists, theorists, literary writers, and musicians including Janneke Adema, Giselle Beiguelman, Julie Carr, David Gunkel, Gary Hall, Frieder Nake, Out-of-Sync, Craig Saper, Joe Tabbi, Darren Tofts, Gregory Ulmer, Chad Mossholder, Michael Theodore, Michelle Ellsworth, Rick Silva, Will Luers, Yoshi Sodeoka, Mark McCoin, Curt Cloninger, Kate Armstrong, Maria Miranda, Norie Neumark, mez, jonCates, Mark River, and Tim Whid.

If anyone is interested in teaching the book and website to their classes, please feel free to email me directly with any questions you may have.

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