Thursday, April 21, 2011

The New MarkAmerika.Com Website is Live!

The new web site is now live and features links to many aspects of Mark Amerika's interdisciplinary art practice including a link to his forthcoming book of new media theory titled remixthebook (University of Minnesota Press, September 2011).

"Redesigning the new site took some insight," says web developer Tom Zamir. "Mark is a serious artist with a multitude of works extending in many directions that experiment with different media types. The previous version (see classic site) was designed about a decade ago by artist Joel Swanson who was the first undergraduate at the University of Colorado to graduate with summa cum laude honors in digital art. Joel is currently director of the Technology, Arts & Media program in the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado where I also studied. As a student of both Mark and Joel, I feel that my redesign is closing one circle while starting the next one."

The main features of the new website are searchability, accessibility, relativity, and sociability. Visitors to the site now have easy access to Amerika's net art works, new media books, Twitter streams, Professor VJ blogs, and other electronic publications.

"Merging elements of the previous design with new trends in web technologies, we created an innovative design style that represents Mark's multitude of works," said Zamir.

For more information on remixthebook, you can visit the remixthebook web page University of Minnesota Web site.

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