Saturday, December 04, 2010

World Technology Award in Art Finalist

It looks like I was a finalist for a World Technology Award in the Art category in New York this past week. According to the press release:
The World Technology Awards have been presented annually since 2000 to the outstanding innovators from each sector within the science and technology arena for innovative work of the greatest likely long-term significance - both as a way to honor those innovators, and as a vetting mechanism to determine the newest WTN members. Nominations come from both current individual members of the WTN as well as through submissions made by nominees or representatives acting on their behalf. Individual WTN member then vote their preferences from among the nomination pool. The Awards are announced each year in a gala ceremony at the close of the annual World Technology Summit.

The 2010 World Technology Awards were announced on Dec. 1, 2010, in a gala ceremony at the TIME & LIFE Building in NYC by Ali Velshi (Anchor and Chief Business Correspondent) and James P. Clark (Founder/Chairman of the WTN).
The actual winner in the Art category this year was Tod Machover of the MIT Media Lab.

Meanwhile, the double exhibition/screening in Brazil went well. The team at were incredibly hospitable and I can't wait go to go back.

Or, in other words: "Amerika loves Brazil and Brazil loves me" ...

I was Twittering away while I was there and will continue the Twitfeed on a regular basis.

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