Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2 Young Punks

As the image below seemingly attests, there is an underground / transgressive art film from the mid 80s shot in the New York area with the working title "2 Young Punks" that features my former self as one of the leads.

This would be around the same time I was running my own "freelance courier artist" business during the height of Reagan-styled Yuppie Culture.

I had forgotten about this until someone recently sent me some of the stills ...

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Town

Check out the green bud featured in today's New York Times business section.

It was just a few weeks ago that, upon returning to the Rockies from a quick trip to Europe, we came across not one, not two, but three articles in the NYT business section featuring Boulder's virtual gold rush toward digital capitalism.

The techno-entrepreneurialism that the journos at the NYT highlighted a few weeks ago is now replaced with a look at "cannabis capitalism" i.e. the for-profit medical marijuana mom and pop shops opening up all over town.

What's interesting to me is how without even looking for it, these Boulder-based feature articles in our national newspaper keep presenting themselves to me as source material for my new novel-in-progress which, as luck would have it, features a remixological figure I imagine to be "Walt Whitman Benjamin" who, in addition to being a kind of professorial con man, regularly visits one of these sinsemilla shops to relieve himself of a contemporary condition yet to be properly diagnosed (he can't help but wonder if it may not be the curse of writing itself ... Cocteau: "Writing is a sickness." ... Bataille: "I write not to be mad." But then again, he thinks it could just be his Conceptual practice in general, something that creeps into his morning fog of thoughts on a daily basis which, he figures, is due to his ongoing performance art project where he portrays an enigmatic sculptor / skull-rupture who is the illegitimate brain-child of Marcel Duchamp and a late-night college radio station DJ: "I was all rupture all the time.").

There's more than a bit of satirically rendered techno-entrepreneurialism in the new novel too, as well as a heavy dose of self-effacing new age lifestyle coaching (writing it out from an undisclosed location in the Pacific Northwest is giving me the perfect distance I need to render this storyworld into vision).

Early drafts can be found in reverse order here (scroll to the bottom and read the entries as you go up).

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