Friday, June 19, 2009

Score for Black Mountain Language Art Dance in the Year 2009

you know
I scan these quotes
as I read-write-play-perform
and I have to extract them
for spiritual unraveling a basic sense art cannot be taught, and we do not try to. Yet paradoxically it can be learned -- in the beginning from other artists, and then from oneself.

[Motherwell -- A Personal Expression-- given as a lecture on art education in 1949]
no amount of guru think
is going to prehend the reptile
so that they finally stop squirming
in the nestled darkness of
their own special form of oblivion
We are the last 'first' people. We forget that. We act big, misuse our land, ourselves. We lose our own primary.

[Charles Olson -- Call Me Ishmael]
fracking the unconscious
using hydraulic pressure
to unearth the hidden source material
There is only one thing you can do about kinetic, re-enact it. Which is why the man said, he who possesses rhythm possesses the universe. And why art is the only twin life has -- its only valid metaphysic. Art does not seek to describe but to enact.

[Charles Olson -- Call Me Ishmael]
it's as easy as your ABCs
i.e. "what we do not know of ourselves
coiled or unflown
is the marrow in bone"

i.e. the rhythm in image
the image in knowing
the knowing in moving
the moving in envisioning

to find in the night where our bodies are unnerved

a structural imbalance that performs a series of inquiries

notating the rough coordinates of the bobbing flotation device

as it leaves open the question of what it means to feel as though

these things that come

are always still

in tangential



even while perishing

(while making it nude)

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