Friday, October 31, 2008


It's as if in the short Youtube clip above McCain finally found time to process the consequences of his VP pick ...

Or: he was just playing a spooky Halloween character who is trying to scare us even more than we already are about the implications of his VP pick ...

Or: he may be seeing his own death flash before his eyes.

My first thought was the latter.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Seeing Blue

As we all know by now, Joe The Plumber is neither a guy named Joe nor a real plumber.

He may be a kind of Clockwork Orange style character named Dim who resents Obama's success and so is willing to lie a lot in order to achieve momentary celebrity status as the latest mark in bold dingbat type.

In that case, he is not undecided as much as he's unsure what it is about Sarah Palin that gets him so excited.

Is that a culture war wetting inside his pants?

Or is he just afraid to admit the obvious?

Here in Liberal America, a minor pipe needed repair last week and was a bit too tricky for me to handy-man myself. It was the first time in eight years that I could not fix it myself, so I called a plumber. Seriously, I called Gustavo The Plumber. Gustavo is from Barcelona and yes, was impressed with my pronunciation of his home town as "Barthelona" and I also made note of the fact that he was visibly excited with our little campaign button near the front door ("Obama/Biden").

I swore to myself that I was not going to bring up Joe The Plumber when Gustavo arrived but since he indicated his enthusiasm for our Obama/Biden button I had to engage.

"He's not a plumber," said Gustavo.

"He's a media whore," I suggested.

Gustavo laughed and soon after we finished fixing the pipe we were once again talking about Barcelona.

"Did you see Vicky Christina Barcelona?" I asked, referencing Woody Allen's latest and quite entertaining (in an Avant-Pop kind of way) movie.

"Great movie," he said. We spoke about how excellent the acting was and that seeing the city again on the big screen was better than not seeing it at all.

A question crossed my mind as we ditched the old parts into a dirty bucket.

Is Gustavo The Plumber an elitist?

Is he the one who is really fake since he lives in a Colorado town of about 90,000 (he lives about six blocks away from me)? According to Sarah Palin, only small town folks like Joe The Plummer (as Palin freaks seem intent on spelling it), can be considered real.

But Obama's surge in Colorado is real. Yet another new campaign office just opened in my neighborhood today. Talk about The Big Mo. Over 100,000 peeps in Denver today (the most ever in the USA, only topped by the 200,000 in Berlin).

Colorado is turning bluer and would be darkblue were it not for the fundamentalist freaks in Colorado Springs. What's it going to be America? The Fundy Freakzone or The Alterna-Friendly Playzone?

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