Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Multimedia Measure

"My basic measure is a unit of thought,"
Ginsberg says in Composed on the Tongue
an idea he gets from fellow Beat Gregory Corso
"And the reason it's a unit of thought is
that's what you wrote down on that line"

which is what happens in Remixology too
except instead of being squeezed by the line
and trying to harbor the unintended effects
of breaking line where one breaks thought
what happens is you flip the switch
and use basic psychosomatic flow techniques
and the electrical currency of network conduction
to autohallucinate your multimedia measure
into the autopoietic mix

Multimedia measure is different than verse
and cannot be translated into old-timey genres
like literature or visual art or happenings
although everybody myself included
has tried to supply the network discourses
with some measure of intermedia language convergence
since things are moving so fast and furious
and we want to make sense of it all!

But to "make sense" one must first "take measure"
and taking measure requires making things
intuitively (literally "drawing" from the open
source lifestyle practice you happen to be
projecting from The Deep Interior
where data feeds of embedded memory
both structurally integrated from the inside
and inherited from formal adherence to the outside
are posited as an accumulation of social pulsations
clustering into resonant fields of thought
that are organized into processual relayerings
manifested as creative visualizations
that can trigger generative narrative substance
or rapid-fire electrochemical impulses
networked via a connective tissue that is eloquently
spoken of as "the language of the body"
whose story is written in the presentational immediacy
of an asynchronous realtime ["timeless time"])

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Deep Thoughts, By Nameless Hyun

Mutitation 747


breath spirit

rhythmic contours of the shapely medium

"coming to terms"

with itself as
creative process.

Where do these generative thoughts come from?

Spontaneous mind grabs
(the same way we think of
"screen grabs") captured as digital
imprint on network projection?

The third eye sees.

-- Nameless Hyun

Mutitation: neologistic term invented by Second Life avatar Nameless Hyun that remixes mutation with meditation signaling "a permanent change in the flow of impermanent life" -- not to be confused with mutilation

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