Wednesday, January 16, 2008

As the VJ Spins II

Out of nowhere the writing comes

And what does it say?

The omega principle in Creativity
is to develop a lifestyle practice
that itself becomes an artwork

Another way of looking at it
would be to imagine ways
of turning "not working"
into a work of art

Or would it be a not-work of art?

The art of not working
if it produces recognizable outcomes
would then need to be reconfigured
into something more playful

The trick is to not slip into dogma
or if you do then turn it into art
because dogma in art is not dogma

The way Ad Reinhardt used to imagine it
"The meaning of art is not meaning"
since Art-as-Art revolutionizes creation
and Artists-as-Artists value themselves
for what they have gotten rid of
and for what they refuse to do

For example, work

"A work of art is not work,"
said Reinhardt

"Working in art is not working.
Work in art is work.
Not working in art is working."

This somehow all makes sense to me

although I am inclined to remix it
from the angle of an intervening context

what I mean is

A work of art is not context

The context of art is not work

Not working in art is context

Context in art is (not) context

And it should go without saying that
taking things out of context
is not a work of art

but the art of taking things
out of context inevitably is

Reinhardt continues his ongoing
"Art-as-Art as dogma"
by listing what is and is not
art and not art in various contexts
while also challenging what is
in and of itself
not itself
when contextualized as art

For instance

"A color in art is not a color.
Colorlessness in art is not colorlessness."

"All progress and change in art
is toward the one end of
Art as Art-as-Art" says Reinhardt
and then tweaks things just a bit
by mixing in the avant-garde as in
"An avant-garde in art advances
Art-as-Art or it isn’t an avant-garde"

In this way advancing Art-as-Art
via the trajectory of an avant-garde
is similar to Whitehead’s dictum that
"Creativity is the principle of novelty"

Is it not obbvious that the "advance" of novelty
in pursuit of transmuting aesthetic moments
is triggered by the intensity of experience
which in itself becomes an aesthetic fact
and informs "the production of novel togetherness"?

The "production of novel togetherness"
(as Whitehead refers to it)
is the ultimate notion embodied in
the term concrescence
and in this way when what Jung
refers to as the Collective Unconscious
gets remixed with Whitehead’s Creativity
and Reinhardt’s avant-garde Art-as-Art
or even Mallarme’s total sum in formation
we begin to see how the avant-garde organism
is part of a larger alien agenda
that taps into the psychosomatic sensory flows
of an embodied postproduction medium
that develops methods and tactics
to achieve an ongoing sense of satisfaction
while creating intense aesthetic experiences
that one learns to spontaneously compose
as a way to totally love their life

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