Wednesday, July 04, 2007


The Immobilité mobile cinema project is still in (post)production with principal location shooting taking place in Cornwall, UK.

This week, though, I am taking a break from shooting and am in London for the opening of my new exhibition Mobile Phone Video Art Classics and, today, a video interview I am doing at Tate Britain for upcoming developments modeled after the Tateshots section of Tate Online.

Speaking of the Tate, next week is the Disrupting Narratives symposium at Tate Modern. It will be webcast, which is good for some folks, but my 10:30 am keynote goes on at 5:30 am in New York and 3:30 am in Colorado.

Is it worth waking up / staying up for?

Well, the webcast event will be archived, so that answers that.

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