Friday, June 15, 2007

Image Rhythms, Embodied

(After Henri Lefebvre)

A rhythm invests places, but is itself not a place: it is not a thing, nor an aggregation of things, nor yet a simple flow. It embodies its own law, its own regularity, which it derives from space -- from its own space -- and from a relationship between space and time.

What we live are rhythms -- rhythms experienced subjectively.

Into and out of body experiences.

Every rhythm expresses the body's inventiveness.

The body reveals it, deploys it.

Rhythms in all their multiplicity interpenetrate one another while postproducing the "nature" one is becoming while imagining.

This imagining is virtual and the rhythms that layer and multiply in a virtual imagining of nature (while living) have to do with needs, with feelings, with tendencies toward some action that may be distilled into desire.

These imaginings (potential distillations into desire) are not captured on film, or video, or via some live web cam ideally situated by a positioning agent in a remote location.

They are captured by the living remixologist who appropriates the rhythms of the body engaged in its ongoing spatial practice...


(Post)production stills photographed by Serena Rodgers

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