Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Secret

With the coming of yet another vernal equinox, not to mention all of the hoopla over a certain book/film that has generously ripped off and banalized everything we have been writing about over at Mark Amerika Nature Photography (MANP), we felt it necessary to give as good as we get and have recently updated our latest news at MANP.

Here's the lede:
Water babies in a beach's brew. That's how we at Mark Amerika Nature Photography see the zodiac on the horizon. Spring has barely sprung and we are already dreaming of immersing ourselves in that compositional field of play known as summer. The seasonal shift brings about an intuitive sense of what has yet to come. The secret, as we call it, is and always has been about focusing on what it is we imagine our natural way to be while unlearning the bureaucratic ways of the corporate superstructure that indifferently tries to set up a limited set of parameters for us to operate in.
More secrets here.

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