Friday, August 30, 2013

Mark Amerika's Limited Edition Art at Sedition

This week I launched two new limited edition video artworks at the UK-based site Sedition.

According to their PR, Sedition "is the world’s leading online platform for artists to display and sell their art in digital format for connected screens and devices" and they have taken on a rather grand mission to "to change the art world by making art affordable and universally accessible."

Over the past few weeks I have been working closely with their team on releasing this specially curated and featured duo of works. The prices are very affordable, even after the currency conversion, and I think are a terrific way of getting work out to new and potential collectors who want to own art works being created by net artists. The press release, which you can read in full here, starts off:
We’re delighted to share with you the launch of Mark Amerika, a pioneer internet artist on Sedition.

Mark Amerika has created two new digital limited editions for the opening of his exhibition with artist Shu Lea Cheang at Furtherfield Gallery in London opening 31 August until 20 October. #NewAesthetic TV (Extended Play Remix) and Honolulu Hermes are each available starting at £15 in editions of 300.

Any purchased editions can be viewed in high definition directly from the Sedition website or through one of the free Sedition apps for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Smart TVs and Samsung Allshare-enabled devices.
The Sedition release coincides with the opening of my two person show with fave artist Shu Lea Cheang at Furtherfield.

You can read Sedition's blog post on this confluence of events here.

Still from #NewAesthetic TV

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