Friday, June 07, 2013

Mark Amerika's Video Art at Denver International Airport

A series of four of my short video artworks are now on exhibit at the Denver International Airport. Where exactly in the airport are the videos playing? Well, you can't miss them. They are located on the two large cylindrical towers in the center of the airport's main building. The moving images are playing on the two huge wrap-around screens provided by Clear Channel Airports in collaboration with the airport and the artist.

The artworks featured in this series are made especially for the airport's art and culture program. Titles include "Glitch TV," "Data Falls," "New Aesthetic TV" and "Second Nature." In discussing these new artworks featured in the airport, I was quoted as saying that "[t]hese works grow out of my recent exploration into the relationship between data flow and the flow of life. Sometimes life can be perceived as a rather normative experience but one that is boring and predictable, while at other times our daily perceptions can be glitched or altered by the digital devices we depend on for our communication and information gathering. For example, what if the delivery of high definition data streams start breaking up and creating colorful artifacts you have no control over? One response would be to become impatient with the technology as it dysfunctions right before our eyes. In fact, these disturbances can be visualized as little or even big glitches that at first may seem a nuisance but, on second look, from an artistic perspective, are actually more interesting than the clear signals we're used to seeing in commercial culture. This is what I explore in my ongoing investigation into glitch aesthetics."

A short video of the exhibition can be found here.

These shorter videos grow out of my recent investigation into glitch aesthetics as featured in my last major work of net art, Museum of Glitch Aesthetics (2012), a major art commission sponsored by Abandon Normal Devices and the Harris Museum in conjunction with the London 2012 Olympics. The artist wishes to thank Matt Chasansky, the Denver International Airport Art and Culture Program and Clear Channel Airports for sponsoring this exhibition.

Keywords: Mark Amerika, glitch, aesthetics, public art, video art, Denver International Airport


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