Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Glitchy Textures Keynote Performance

Mark Amerika delivered the keynote performance at this year's Glitchy Textures conference in Paris. During the performance, Amerika featured an encore presentation of his "Glitch Ontology" manifesto in conjunction with his Lake Como Remix video art work and launched his new music video, What's the Glitch. Glitchy Textures took place at ENSAD lab and was coordinated by University of Paris 8 Professor Gwen Cor.

The international conference, according to Cor, "explores how the glitchy textures of works – whether they originate in malfunctions, glitches, defects, flaws or subversion of the system – create zones of resistance that challenge their manipulation and touch. Sampling from Amerika Museum's of Glitch Aesthetics, Cor asks "what happens when flaws are conceived of as a 'glitch aesthetics' or as a mission designed 'to disrupt mainstream perceptions' and practices? Along what necessarily paradoxical modalities can glitches become part of the system while concurrently undermining conventional artistic practices?"

A book featuring work from the conference will be published in 2017.


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