Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BBC Big Screens Remix of Immobilité

Last Monday I sent a new, short (approximately three minute) remix of Immobilité to the BBC in England who are now including it in their Big Screens exhibition program that plays in 17 cities throughout the UK. The simply titled "Immobilité (Big Screens Remix)" entered the program rotation this past Saturday and will run for a month. Since it's part of a rotation, I actually do not have specific starting times at this moment (although I have a request in with the BBC in case they can send me more info):

This is a unique collaboration between the BBC, LOCOG and UK local authorities. It's part of a world-leading media concept (Public Space Broadcasting).

The screens are usually the latest twenty-five square metres daylight digital video displays, with a computer-controlled playout and audio system. Each screen is customised to reflect life in its host community with a broad range of local content, including a "City Diary" listings service, local events and partnerships with community, arts & media organisations.
Here is a list of where the Big Screens are located.

This special Big Screens Remix was produced in a similar fashion to the iPhone app, i.e. with Chris Marker's Le Jetee in mind, but has a few moving images in addition to the stills and a completely new soundtrack remixed by C.W. Mossholder.

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