Monday, October 09, 2006

Steve Katz Writes

Somewhere in the middle of launching Mark Amerika Nature Photography studio, teaching, blogging, editing my HD film, and planning my temporary release from custody (from the academic institution I am presently entwined with), I saw one of my favorite fiction writers, the affable and outrageous Steve Katz, give a reading here in Boulder. The septuagenarian Katz, who I took great honor in publishing on Alt-X many years ago (when html and literary content were still King), shared his new "memoir-ies" as he called them. He said he liked the short, episodic, non-clinging aspect to them (those are my words in his mouth). They could be shuffled up and placed in a folder for readers to read at will. I agreed, and suggested that he take up blogging. I hope he does!

From his bio:
Steve Katz was born in May of 1935, and that's all there is to it. That was in the Bronx, and he couldn't help it. Then some kid with a stiletto stabbed his basketball and that was CREAMY & DELICIOUS (eat my words in other words), published in 1970 by Random House, that started the avant-snack movement in the pre-postmodern revolution.


Today Steve Katz has given up writing to volunteer for a program that puts him in feathers, transforms him from a human being (of which there is an enormous glut), into a california condor (of which there be a pitiful few). So if you feel the shadow pass over your body as you stroll in Santa Monica or Borrego Springs, and happen to look up to find its silent source, it could be steve katz that poopoo in your eye.
Some vintage Katz books, especially Stolen Stories, along with work by Ron Sukenick, Mark Leyner, Euridice, Russell Banks, and Samuel Delany can be bought at my prose publisher FC2's website.

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