Friday, October 13, 2006

New Media Poetics Meet New LEA Interface Design

Great news digital poetry sports fans. LEA (Leonardo Electronic Almanac) has a new online look, complete with downloadable .pdf files, and the inaugural issue contained within the new interface is focused on "New Media Poetics and Poetry":
"In the new media environment, we deal with an expanded notion of "poem" as praxis of surface level and sub-textual computer code levels, and an expanded awareness of the digital poem as process. The reading and reception of this writing occurs in a networked context, in which the reader becomes an "ergodic" participant (to use Espen Aarseth's term) and helps shape the form of the new media poem," defines New Media Poetics and Poetry issue guest editor Tim Peterson.

Peterson has woven together a marvelous mix featuring Loss Pequeño Glazier, John Cayley with Dimitri Lemmerman, Lori Emerson, Phillippe Bootz, Manuel Portela, Stephanie Strickland, Mez, Maria Engberg and Matthias Hillner. Don't forget to scurry over to the equally exciting gallery, exhibiting works by Jason Nelson, Aya Karpinska, Daniel Canazon Howe, mIEKAL aND, CamillE BacoS, Nadine Hilbert and Gast Bouschet. For the first time also, be mesmerized by Mathias Hillner and Augusto de Campos' Shockwave creations.
Do these essays and artworks foretell a growth spurt in electronic literature within the academy? Like experimental creative writing and alternative '70s-styled art before it, will e-lit find refuge in the hallowed halls of the leaking institutions?

It's already happened big time with diigital / new media art. Where are all of the fully supported, internationally visible electronic writing / new media studies programs?

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