Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Am A Digital Image

Tonight, while working on my own High-Def film, I realized that Matthew Barney's new film, "Drawing Restraint #9" was playing in town. Would I leave my own film to go and see his?

No, I decided not to. (I'll wait for the DVD.)

But then, during an editing break, on my way to the kitchen, I saw an incredible virtual reality scene right out of my window and the nature photographer in me took over my fluid identity and, like a zombie, I grabbed my digital camera and went outside to capture the images right in front of the studio:

Images shot by
Mark Amerika Nature Photography Studio

But as I have said numerous times, I am not really a nature photographer. I would prefer to say that I am a digital image that processes other digital images and in processing them, become an embodied digital image that generates on the fly remixes of my pseudo-autobiographical Life Style Practice. Those images above? They are part of me, enacted via a body - brain - apparatus achievement, an interactive hallucination between the artist-medium and the natural surroundings.

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