Saturday, September 02, 2006

Heap of Language Making Art History

Smithson was right:
"...the artist seeks.... the fiction that reality will sooner or later imitate." - from A Museum of Language in the Vicinity of Art (1968)
Think of that phrase in relation to Cocteau's quote that
"When a work appears to be ahead of its time, it is only the time that is behind the work."
Remix the two together, manipulate the data, and see what you get. I got this:
"The artist unconsicously visualizes the fiction of the moment; meanwhile, time is always trying to catch up with them so that they become a part of the past (and if it - time - succeeds in catching up with them, then it will absorb and neutralize their creatively visualized fictional becoming)." - MA
We see this happening over and over again. It's called (making) art history.

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