Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hucksterism Too

According to CNN:
A man who pulled a hoax on Louisiana officials and 1,000 contractors by presenting himself as a federal housing official said Monday he intended to focus attention on a lack of affordable housing.

"We basically go around impersonating bad institutes or institutes doing very bad things," said the man, who identified himself as Andy Bichlbaum, a 42-year-old former college teacher of video and media arts who lives in New York and Paris.


Bichlbaum said Monday's prank was the latest in a series pulled off by The Yes Men, whose members have recently masqueraded as representatives of McDonald's, Halliburton and Dow Chemical.

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(Actually, it should be noted that the sessions I teach on The Yes Men are often the most popular ones during the whole semester. An article that I wrote in the '90s about their hacking cousins, RTMARK, in relation to the "toywars" between the retailer eToys and the faux art group etoy, is availablle here in both German and English at Telepolis, and will appear in my new book META/DATA.)

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