Friday, May 12, 2006

I'll Have My People Call Your People

Looking for a way to get around having the US Government break its own laws and track every one of your phone calls? Pay someone else to make your phone calls for you! On their phone!

Or, better yet, become totally anti-social and shut out the world. This way, being constantly put under surveillance won't mean a damn thing since your whole life will be One Big Host Disconnect and besides, new polls show that being an American means accepting a loss of civil rights so that Big Daddy Gov can protect you from the boogeyman terrorists!

Wondering how the mondo corporate phone companies are able to break the law by giving away your private information to the National Security Agency and get paid for it via secret government contracts? It's easy. They were told everything is A-OK by The Decider. And if The Decider says its OK to break the law for national security purposes, then it's O-K!

Speaking of The Decider, isn't it amazing how after five years he has yet to veto a bill sent to him from Congress? Of course, he does not need to veto bills since he can decide to add "signing statements" to every bill he signs, clarifying which parts of the law he will follow and which parts of the law he will break - he is, after all, The Law-Breaking Decider!

How come when I write about The Law-Breaking Decider I feel like I am bringing my sardonic wit down to the level of "My Pet Goat"? If this pet pieve doesn't get your goat, nothing will.

Disclaimer: this blog entry is #322273648475843939202--3344o4i3u22io in the Grandaddy of All NSA Databases.

It feels like the Bill of Rights is being terrorized yet again.

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