Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Power of Nightmares

It ends up the whole terror network thing starts in Greeley, Colorado.

Or so suggests this fascinating BBC doco on how, in the past, our politicians offered us dreams of a better world, but now trick us into allowing them to protect us from our own worst nightmares.

But who is writing these B-grade horror movie scripts and why are so many media consumers buying it?

This is exactly why the whole Dubai ports dealy-thing went terribly awry for the neo-con Bushies. Their predictable, endlessly repetitive, moral narrative that tries to fictionally paint our complex world with simpleton black and white colors signifying good and evil while tough-talking their "you're either with us or against us" rhetoric, has now backfired on them as the skies turn grey. And isn't it interesting that many of the same folks who took the neo-con militaristic propaganda shpiel hook, line, and sinker, are now wondering what the fuck is going on as the worst administration in US history sells our ports away while mindlessly painting rosy scenarios around the civil war in Iraq as it gets far worse every day and proves that these chickenhawk losers are going to actually LOSE the war?

EVERYBODY knows this now.

To those who willingly tried to defy the rest of us living in the so-called "reality based community," one quick Q: feeling duped, suckas?

You should.

Time to script your own (un)reality.

Believe it or not, Father does not know best.

You're on your own, kids.

UPDATE: the three eps of The Power of Nightmares are available here (Google it right off the top of their home page).

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