Thursday, August 14, 2014

"Lake Como Remix" on Exhibit at the John Hansard Gallery

My video art work, Lake Como Remix, one of the works included in my 2012 art commission, Museum of Glitch Aesthetics, is now on exhibit at the John Hansard Gallery as part of The Small Infinite show co-curated by Lanfranco Aceti and Vince Dziekan. The work work was just featured in the exhibition mention at the Guardian.

From the exhibition website:

The world of today functions at the most extreme of scales, from big data and the endless expanse of the digital realm to global capital and consumption. In stark contrast, The Small Infinite celebrates the strength and endurance of the minuscule. Rejecting the current trend for grandiose gestures, the show reflects upon a world where worth and value are often represented through the most disproportionate of terms.

The Small Infinite unites a diverse collection of international artists whose work focuses on more intimate perceptions of reality, ranging from photography and works on paper to sculpture, video installation and digital interventions. The exhibition explores the theme of the infinitesimally small through a range of fine art practices as diverse as particle physics, the economic crisis, utopianism, hacking, virtual worlds and the materiality of film.


Keywords: Mark Amerika, Lake Como Remix, John Hansard Gallery, The Small Infinite


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