Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Video Book Trailer for remixthebook

The video above is an experimental "book trailer" that plays with source material from my forthcoming book of new media art / remix theory.

The book, now available for order here, is being published by the University of Minnesota Press.

Here's what the YouTube site says:

A provocative textual performance that is at once a dazzling model of the literary remix and a state-of-the-art reflection on remix culture, REMIXTHEBOOK captures the unique and continually shifting digital moment in which we live and situates the remix as an art form and literary intervention. To coincide with the publication of REMIXTHEBOOK, Amerika will launch a companion website,, to facilitate new ways of participating in remix culture by inviting other artists and writers to create remixthebook mashups of their own, pushing the boundaries of art and literary culture further, beyond the current publishing paradigms.

Video Remix: Rick Silva
Audio: Chad Mossholder
Micro-Cam Footage: Mark McCoin
Voice: Mark Amerika

"Think of remixthebook as DJ Tool made from rhythms downloaded, ripped, mixed, spliced, diced, and burned into our collective hard drives, then re-uploaded. It's a piece of conceptual hardware that exists somewhere between how we experience information and how information aesthetics has transformed the human condition. It's that deep."
—Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid

Keywords: Mark Amerika, remixthebook, remix, mashup, DJ Spooky, University of Minnesota, theory


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