Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pre-Production on Musuem of Glitch Aesthetics Starts This Week

Things have been really busy as I crank up pre-production on my next artwork, a [transmedia] narrative titled The Museum of Glitch Aesthetics. The past two weeks I have been hiding out primarily in London writing a lot of the back-story about the "digital persona" who will drive the narrative forward. Starting on Tuesday, I will start preliminary location shooting in various parts of Northwest England, particularly the gorgeous Lake District, Lancashire, and Manchester/Salford. Future location shoots in late July and August (Brazil's winter) are being scheduled in Salvador, Bahia, and some of the surrounding regions.

While in Brazil, in addition to more production on the new artwork, I'll be involved in two unassociated gigs: 1) conducting a workshop on mobile cinema / remix / performance as part of the Seminário Internacional de Cinema e Audiovisual in Salvador where I had the South American premiere of Immobilité last summer, and 2) delivering a closing keynote presentation in Rio at a conference on transmedia narrative sponsored by the Federal University there. All of this momentum in Brazil is somewhat unexpected, and since there are three open weeks in between the various gigs there, the question I am now asking myself is: "Shall I just stay for half of the summer?"

Keywords: Brazil, Seminário Internacional de Cinema e Audiovisual, Museum of Glitch Aesthetics, Mark Amerika


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