Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Immobilité in Brazil -- The Sequel

The Brazilian premiere of the Portuguese-language version of Immobilité will open in two cities over the next two weeks: Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte.

The English-language version of Immobilité had its South American premiere in Salvador, Brazil, in July, as part of the VI Seminário Internacional de Cinema e Audiovisual. The event was unlike any other "opening" I have ever experienced and led to some unexpected developments: for example, here's a story about my and Immobilité's unintentional mystical connection to Pier Paolo Pasolini.

The Portuguese-language events are being sponsored by Arte.Mov and, as always, I will be in good company. For example, the program in Belo Horizonte will include appearances by Bruce Sterling and Arcangel Constantini as well as my Brazilian hosts the artists Lucas Bambozzi and Marcus Bastos.

(The traveling festival blog has some great links to happening scenes all around the globe.)

In addition to screening Immobilité, I will be exhibiting Mobile Phone Video Art Classics. This playful 2007 work premiered in my solo exhibition in London in 2007 and then was featured in my MPVAC solo exhibition in Australia in 2008.

These mobile phone artworks are intimately connected to my creative writing and serve as aesthetically-modified transducers that, in addition to transforming my unconscious energy into the development of new feature-length films, also spur on the creation of new books, including META/DATA and The Postproduction of Presence.

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