Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Images in my head and out

Trip Journal Remix

First, there's the interview for Bahian TV as part of the promo campaign for Immobilité in Salvador. I'm standing in the media lounge at Semcine while local VJs remix the Immobilité remixes.

I'm saying something like "The manipulation of the image as destiny"

And then: "Remixology as moving visual thinking"

But also going out of my way to suggest that the viewer is "shadowing the psychoacoustic mind of the writer telling the story"

Meanwhile knowing full and well how odd it is to be trading in these images that are spouting from my head but that had been originally captured on ancient mobile phones of another era ...

Thinking to myself: these deep interior projections are somehow manifested as what comes after cinema but are still part of cinematic culture.

Or, to put it another way:

"Immobilité," I say to the audience in the huge theater, "is not a film per se ..."

I say it as if it's part of a dream, a lucid dream, one that I am not necessarily eager to wake up from.

"It borrows from cinema's past but is itself not cinema per se," I go on. "In an ideal world, the work would loop eternally and you would be able to enter and exit the work at will, closing your eyes and opening them on to the film whenever you wanted. But this is not an ideal world."

[Loud applause]

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