Thursday, July 08, 2010

Immobilité in Brazil (and beyond)

In addition to an upcoming solo show of Immobilité at a major American museum this fall, the work will be screened and presented by yours truly in Brazil both this summer and fall.

In less than three weeks, I'll be Salvador, Bahia, for the VI Seminário Internacional de Cinema e Audiovisual. This event looks "totally awesome" (to quote a local high school kid) in that both the screening as well as my artist presentation will take place in a viewing theater with a 1300 seating capacity. The screen is huge which should make for a very unique projection of the entire work. For more on how Immobilité is more than just a film / video art work and positions itself in the field of distribution as part of a larger Conceptual practice that experiments with scale and location, read this post on "Trading in Images".

In addition to my presentation and screening as well as an exhibition of another one of my shorter works in the exhibition gallery inside the main venue, the event program will feature a huge Pasolini retrospective. My hosts have also invited a few other international film directors / screenwriters including Lucrecia Martel, the wonderful Argentinian film director and founders of the "New Argentinian Cinema" movement, and Tariq Ali, the British-Pakistani historian, novelist, filmmaker, and political campaigner who co-wrote the new Oliver Stone movie "South of the Border".

I am honored to be invited to the fantastic Afro-Brazilian city of Salvador, home of reggae samba as well as the rhythms of Candomble rituals and the martial-arts dance style known as Capoeira. I have had my eye on this location for a long time.

Immobilité will also be featured and premiere in Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte in the fall as part of Arte.Mov, where I'll be touring both cities to discuss not only the screening of the work but also the position of the networked artist in digitally distributed economies. There will also be an exhibition of my work Mobile Phone Video Art Classics in both cities as well. More on all of this, including the solo show in the big US museum, soon ...

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