Thursday, May 06, 2010

Oil Painting Is Back

Controversial as ever, and very European in a decidedly avant-garde sort of way, Ubermorgen writes in their recent artist statement:
The supreme discipline of art - oil painting - is back. It has been 13 days since a BP oil and gas exploration well blew out, setting fire to the drilling rig, which sank, killing 11 people. Ever since, crude oil has been leaking into the Gulf of Mexico, raising the prospects of a historic environmental disaster. Winds from the southeast have nudged the slick northward, where it floated Saturday near the coasts of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi and has begun to paint the coastlines.

Finally oil painting has evolved into generative bio-art, a dynamic process the world audience can watch live via mass media. Never before has this art form been as relevant and visible as today - only 9-11 was nearly as perfect, but in the genre of performance art. An oil painting on a 80.000 square miles ocean canvas with 32 million liters of oil - a unique piece of art.
The entire artist statement is here.

Perhaps this is what we mean by the phrase Picture Theory (as in: "picture it in your satellite mind"):

More digital oil paintings a la the Gulf Coast here.

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Blogger jeanli said...

awesome post Professor VJ! I was just thinking about this in fact, as I gazed deeply into the oil painting photograph on the cover of todays NYTimes. food for thought.

9:29 PM  

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