Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Webspinnas (Canadian Remix)

My Remix Culture students are featured in the just released issue of CIAC, the electronic magazine of the International Center of Contemporary Art out of Montreal.

Their collaborative work is presented as an audio-visual edit-remix of their live Webspinna performance of March 18, 2010. Appearing in sequence, each webspinna uses the sounds available on the WWW to generate a live, continuous remix of an array of sounds they have selected from the net.

The editor of the magazine, Paule Mackrous, is visiting CU-Boulder this semester conducting her PhD research in the presence-effect or effect of presence. Her blog, an excellent diary of theoretical thoughts on issues related to contemporary practice, recently took issue with some of the ethnocentric and phallocentric aspects of remix culture.

CIAC is a gem of an online publication. My conversation with the previous editor was published in the 2002 Explorations sonores issue. For this new issue on sound and the Internet, the editorial introduction reads:
Dear readers,

Net Sounds, the issue no 36 of the CIAC's (International Center for Contemporary Art) Electronic Magazine, is now online! http://www.ciac.ca/magazine/

The issue contains comments on hypermedia sound artworks and essays by Mark Amerika, Stanza, RYBN Collective, Magali Babin, Dominic Arsenault, Tom Zamir and Benoit Bordeleau. You will also find sounds from the Webspinna peformance (Rhythm Scientists) and a video-interview with Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky.
My essay is located in the perspective section entitled Becoming a Remixologist : Art, Theory and Sound Practice.

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