Monday, February 08, 2010

Groucho Marxism

From Bob Black's manifesto on G-Marxism:
Comedians who fail to synthesize theory and practice (not to mention those who fail to sin at all) are un-Marxist.


Because G-Marxism is practical, its acheivements can never be reduced to mere humor, entertainment, or even "art." (The aesthetes, after all, are less interested in the appreciation of art than in art that appreciates.) After a genuine Marxist sees a Marx Brothers movie, he tells himself: "If you think that was funny, take a look at your life!"
Comedy needs to be more philosophical than funny, and if possible, it should inject itself into you like a good virus you have no control over, one that alters your perception. Laugh until you hallucinate, is what I say. Just make sure when you come down from it all you are still capable of going to war.

An excerpt from my "philosophiction" on Seinfeld was published many years ago here.

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