Sunday, May 31, 2009

Video as Object

No surprise here, but video is an object. A time-based object but an object nonetheless (and I don't mean the DVD is the object).

Bruce Nauman was once interviewed on PBS and said this about his early experiments in video art:
You can watch for a while, leave and go have lunch or come back in a week, and it's just going on. And I really liked that idea of the thing just being there. The idea being there so that it became almost like an object that was there, that you could go back and visit whenever you wanted to.
True, there is a difference between casting plaster and casting feature length "foreign films" ...

... but the one thing a lot of artists share no matter what medium they happen to be working in is the sense of discovery that takes place while caught in the heat of composition. As Nauman remarks in the same interview:
[T]hat's what keeps me in the studio, the not knowing part and always being surprised.
It's what keeps me outside the studio as well not to mention what keeps me intersubjectively jamming in my network-connected deep studio.

Speaking of deep, here's a short remix video that artist Rick de la Silva sent me where he messes with the "deep - data - dub" of this very blog.

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