Friday, May 15, 2009

Olson Meets Whitehead Meets Professor VJ

First, Olson:

An American
is a complex of occasions,
themselves a geometry
of spatial nature.
I have this sense,
that I am one
with my skin
Plus this -- plus this:
that forever the geography
which leans in
on me I compel
backwards I compel Gloucester
to yield, to
is this

Then Whitehead:
'Actual entities'-- also termed 'actual occasions' -- are the final real things of which the world is made up. There is no going behind actual entities to find anything more real. They differ among themselves: God is an actual entity, and so is the most trivial puff of existence in far-off empty space... The final facts are, all alike, actual entities; and these actual entities are drops of experience, complex and interdependent.
Today, the remixologist asks: "What does it mean to be a drop of experience that advances toward concrescence while prehending the process which constitutes ones own becoming?"

To even begin to answer this question, or not just answer it since that would be temporally insignificant, but to use it as stimulus to build new creative momentum, one would have to first reinvent the subjective form that they intuitively take on so that they can postproduce the present i.e. prehend the datum that signals their intensity as an aesthetic fact of life.

To build new creative momentum -- is this the aim of philosophy?

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