Friday, May 29, 2009

electronic / urban / visual poetry

Nice public art vibe still happening in Asia ...

Immobilité had its Asian premiere on May 1st for a month-long exhibition in Seoul at the COMO / SKT Tower in the center of the city. The COMO facility is amazing. Curated by the Art Center Nabi, I was able to visit it in 2007 and saw some fantastic video works being screened on the digital walls distributed inside one of Seoul's most technologically advanced buildings. Immobilité has been part of a special "Mobility:Immobility" exhibition running throughout the month of May.

For some reportage on what I was doing in Seoul in 2007, and how it relates to Korean cinema, Zen Buddhism, Nam June Paik, and my own recent artworks, check this out.

Other public exhibitions of my VJ-inspired video works have recently played in another cool pubic venue in Seoul, the W-Walkerhill hotel, which led to my interview in Interview.

Why is my video art going major-league public in Seoul? Hard to say, really. But the abstract color fields and experimental postproduction techniques of the VJ material as well as the formally innovative hand-held techniques of the mobile phone video artwork do lead to a kind of hypnotic or trance effect that may speak an alternative digital / urban language stoked in visual lyricism (translation: it's not only aesthetically pleasing to look at but may resonate with some deeper visceral reaction that the viewer processes in "realtime" without even knowing it -- and this realtime processing may point toward an operative lyricism that signals the emergence of an electronic / urban / visual poetry beyond mere words). Now if only the Korean collectors would take the next step and buy the work.

Immobilité also had its Bangkok premiere on Wednesday night alongside "Buddhist paintings depicting the concept of the great cycle (pathichak samuhapata)."

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