Thursday, March 12, 2009

Perishable Subjects (Over Chai)

Scrawled in chalk on top of the wide blackboard above the bar in City O' City:
...and then he added that he himself had no home, or rather that his home consisted of motion, of journey. He said that he could only live by crossing from one dream into another, from one landscape to another, and that if he remained in one place too long, he would perish.
Over Bahkti Chai, after reading the handwritten quote above, someone said: "That reminds me of your film." Or did they say "my film"? A sense of propriety dissolved and another subject, All the Presidents' Girls, took over. From there, we drifted into why people would buy houses in Cleveland over eBay for $4000 without even seeing them (and then, what it must have felt like, after flying in to see what they bought, and soon finding out "that the house had been vacant for two years; scavengers had torn apart the walls to get the copper piping, ripped the sinks from the walls and removed the boiler from the basement" and that "the city had condemned the house and would now charge to demolish it.")

Seven minutes later another voice at the table, as if thinking out loud but wanting to connect with their lunch partners, said: "Did you just hear what I said? That's strange. You asked if after that meeting I had if I thought there would be an exhibition. And then I said that lately all of the meetings I have been going to thinking that there was a chance of an exhibition I was leaving thinking that I needed to do something to help them. To help them stay alive or whatever it is arts organizations and venues do as they struggle through the end of capitalism as we know it."

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