Thursday, February 26, 2009

Email: A Multitude of Assemblages Simultaneously

With the endless deluge of spam messages reminding me, among other things, that "to buy a degree is quite easy these days" coupled with articles in the New York Times suggesting that "In Tough Times, the Humanities Must Justify Their Worth," it is sometimes hard to focus on what is being conveyed in some of the more intellectually inclined missives that make their way into and out of my email box.

Although I will not name names, another email interlocutor I am having a superb dialogue with and who lives way Down Under writes:
For example, the term 'Avant-Pop' seems to have been appropriated by the digi-literature scene (bad word, perhaps 'the digerati' would be better). Is that a fair observation? If so, has it then been used to reimpose category and form on an inherently dynamic and form-defying practice...?

And 'remixologist' seems to apply most accurately to producers, like yourself, that exist in a multitude of assemblages simultaneously (slipping around like mercury - I love that visual image : ). More importantly, and please set me straight if I'm wrong, isn't the primary implication of 'remixology' the idea of reinvention? And, therefore, does the term subordinate or subsume innovation to reinvention? For example, could we call a creative producer working in bio art who has a residency at a medical research lab and who may produce a groundbreaking cardiovascular pump through creative pursuit a remixologist? It's networked, definitely, but is it remixology? I'm probably being acutely naive here, if so, please forgive my ignorance. FYI: 'remixology' is the closest term i've come across that encompasses the diversity and dynamism of new modes of cultural production but I am concerned about its applicability outside of digitally networked environments.
I seem to have misplaced my response but will keep looking ...

In the meantime, I would suggest that remixology can evolve as an applied aesthetics well beyond digitally networked environments and is, in fact, an embedded aspect of biological being as we create "structured improvisations" for our inner choreography (our "choragraphy") to self-compose in ...

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