Friday, January 02, 2009


For the last three years, I have selected one word to trigger all action into the new year.

In 2006, the word was improvisation.

In 2007, the word was intuition.

In 2008, the word was illumination.

This year could very well be the final year that I employ this one-word triggering device. Knowing what lies ahead all throughout 2009 and knowing that there are a lot of unexpected things that will invite me to unknow the known, there is only one word for me turn to now.

In 2009, the word is intensification.

2008 was an in intense experience for us all.

The key takeaway from re-reading Whitehead over the last fifteen months is that "an intense experience is an aesthetic fact." That line gets remixed in one way or another throughout the Remixology book.

Getting at another kind of intensity to be found in "The Languages of the Body," Kathy Acker develops a list starting with "The languages of flux. Of uncertainty in which the 'I' (eye) constantly changes. For the self is 'an indefinite series of identities and transformations." She also lists the languages of wonder, materiality, and play -- but
8. Above all: the languages of intensity. Since the body's, our, end isn't transcendence but excrement, the life of the body exists as pure intensity. The sexual and emotive languages.

9. The only religions are scatology and intensity.

10. Language that forgets itself. For if we knew that chance governs us and this world, that would be absolute knowledge.

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