Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Samples for Future Mash-Up

The dream: to know a foreign (alien) language and yet not understand it: to perceive the difference in it without that difference ever being recuperated by the superficial sociality of discourse, community, or vulgarity; to know, positively refracted in a new language, the impossibilities of our own; to learn the systematics of the inconceivable; to undo our own "reality" under the effect of the other formulations, other syntaxes; to discover certain unsuspected positions of the subject in utterance, to displace the subject’s topology; in a word, to descend into the untranslatable, to experience its shock without ever muffling it […]

Roland Barthes

I became very interested in the model of schizophrenia. I wanted to explore the use of the word 'I', that’s the only thing I wanted to do. So I placed very direct autobiographical -- just diary material, right next to fake diary material. I tried to figure out who I wasn’t and I went to texts of murderesses ... I was doing experiments about memory.

Kathy Acker

"I want to revolutionize biography in a night."

Virginia Woolf

What's the connection?

Cut-up / cut-in / copy it out.


Oozing suture.

Signature effect.

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