Monday, August 11, 2008

Next Move

Is this image foreign? Is it exoticized?

What do pictures want?

In Walter Benjamin's Passagen-Work, he spoke about developing "an experiment in the technique of awakening."

According to Benjamin, this awakening could be ignited from the depths of boredom:
"Boredom is the threshold to great deeds. Now, it would be important to know: what is the dialectical antithesis to boredom?"
The only way to answer Benjamin's question successfully would be to ignore it, to avoid it, to in a sense void it as an activist prodding to overwrite the boredom that exceeds any inclination to getting back in and playing the game.

Yet here is another Professor VJ blog entry, and the game continues. Soon the conversation will drift toward the possibility of "making a move" even as the current stasis makes it all too easy to just dig in deeper and keep the next wave of awakening on hold until further notification.

Until then, there's always the blogstyle version of Passagen-Work.

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