Thursday, July 17, 2008

Autohallucinating New Media Artist

How does one successfully bioengineer
the pure mobility of their body-image rhythms
so that the affective remixing of all
the selected source material they postproduce
transforms their ongoing life experience
into an intense aesthetic fact?

The State of Immediacy is not very different
from an endless State of Creative Emergency
(Emergency being a heightened state of emerging agency
where the "always live" artist-medium gives itself
extensive powers to develop an integrated
open source lifestyle that customizes responses to
these hyperimprovisational projections from the creative unconscious
that come out of nowhere and require
ones immediate remixological attention)

Remixology uses the continual emergence of agency
as a way to spontaneously discover
creative processes that enable the artist-medium
to invent an alternative ontological drift
for Creativity to get lost in

and assumes that if the computer has been
associated with artificial intelligence in terms
of expert systems then the Internet
is the prosthesis not of the expert mind
but of the creative unconscious
(to quote Ulmer)

Pre-Internet remixologists like Ginsberg
play with intense visionary experiences
as enduring aesthetic facts
and develop their spontaneous poetics
as a strategic philosophical device
to better apprehend the nature of
"synchronicity, because it was darkly inevitable"

Ginsberg said that at age 26
he heard a voice that was
his own mature voice
his mature voice being the voice
of William Blake

He describes the voice of Blake as
"completely tender and beautifully
... ancient."

"I saw into the depths of the universe,
by looking simply into the ancient sky.
The sky suddenly seemed very ancient.
And this was the very ancient place
I was talking about, the sweet golden clime,
I suddenly realized that this existence was it!
... in other words that this was the moment
I was born for."

"Anyway, my first thought was this was
what I was born for, and the second thought,
never forget -- never forget, never renege,
never deny. Never deny the voice -- no, never
forget it, don't get lost mentally wandering
in other spirit worlds or American or job worlds
or advertising worlds or war worlds or earth worlds.
But the spirit of the Universe was what
I was born to realize."

Religion in the Making?

But he later remixes this version
of the mystical experience into
a more digitally inclined poetics
that grows out of the thinking of his
Paterson patron, WC Williams:

"Since a physiologic ecstatic experience
had been catalyzed in my body by
the physical arrangement of words [...]
I determined long ago to think of poetry
as a kind of machine that had a specific effect
when planted inside the human body,
an arrangement of picture and mental associations
that vibrated on the mind bank network:
and an arrangement of related sounds & physical
mouth movements that altered the habit functions
of the neural network."

Now he sounds more like
an autohallucinating new media artist
experiencing a kind of metempsychotic flashback
thanks to the nano-neuro-narcotic effects
of the Networked Buddha in ecstatic form

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