Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Simultaneous Data of the Actual Sensory Situation

Ginsberg gloms on to Pound's phrase of
direct presentation and applies it
to his vision of originating spontaneous imagery
as part of a larger strategy to "get the mind high"
(echoing Whitehead's call for Higher Phases of Experience)
and if all the synaptic firings and unconscious
deep interior projections are operating on
perfect pitch autopilot and you're ready for take-off
the measure then turns into something unique like
"a collage of the simultaneous data of
the actual sensory situation"

For those of us using deep interior projections
to turn intense experience into aesthetic fact
the trick is to become Creativity itself
i.e. the actual sensory situation of Remixology
as it once again enacts the principle of novelty
(a principle of spurring on the further advance
of our ongoing creative momentum via
an applied aesthetics that both manipulates
and is unquestionably manipulated by
the environment that each novel situation
presents to us in its state of immediacy)

Keywords that keep generating connective tissues
and morphic resonance within the thought clusters
inhabiting these language excursions into The Deep
include artist-medium / postproduction art
enhanced intensity / novel effect /
sense of measure / embodied praxis /
mirroring neurons / aesthetic fact
not to mention the endless flux of data
waiting to be selected and further manipulated
while performing the ultimate balancing act between
intensity and stability
in the live postproduction environment
the contemporary remixologist risks
their entire livelihood in

all of it picture-perfect source material
ideally situated for customized open source
lifestyle practice researching an applied aesthetics
that grounds itself in creative achievement

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