Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mediakunst 2.0 with Geert Lovink and Mark Amerika

Mediakunst 2.0 is the first of three gigs I'll be participating in during my tour through Belgium and the UK starting April 24th and going through May 2nd. Brought to you by various sponsors including Cimatics and Courtisane:
Leonardo Book Series authors Geert Lovink and Mark Amerika will participate in "Mediakunst 2.0" presented by Kunstensite vzw and Courtisane festival. The festival will focus on the changing shape and repositioning of media art in the age of Web 2.0.

In a string of fast paced mini-lectures and presentations, Amerika and Lovink will explore some of the recent tendencies within both the field of media-art as well as popular digital culture. They will attempt to maneuver through the hype and trends emanating from these emerging fields while taking into account broader cultural and historical perspectives. The discussion will also attempt to locate the connections between recent phenomena such as the 90s net art movement and contemporary web 2.0 culture, club-culture VJing and and live audiovisual performance art, and the interface of web design and media-art.

Session 1: Internet art from an historical perspective (Amerika)
Session 2: media-art today (Lovink)
Session 3: fictional narratives in media-art (Amerika)
Session 4: web-design vs. media-art (Lovink)
Session 5: VJ - cyberpsychogeography and digital flux persona (Amerika)
Session 6: media-art and Avant-Pop (debate Amerika - Lovink)

Info & Tickets:

Date: April 24th 2008 (13h30-17h30)
Location: Cirk - Zebrastraat, Ghent (BE)
Admission: 2,5 €
Free for KASK-students and ticket-holders of the Courtisane Festival.

Visitors of the symposium get free access to the ‘Update II’ digital art exhibition at Zebrastraat curated by Peter Weibel and Stef Van Bellingen and Isolde Debuck, in collaboration with ZKM.

More info:

For more information about META/DATA by Mark Amerika (2007, MIT Press/Leonardo Books), Uncanny Networks by Geert Lovink (2002, MIT Press/Leonardo Books) and other titles in the Leonardo Book Series, visit the Leonardo Book Series site.
In addition to the event in Gent above, I'll be leading a masterclass in "live A/V poetics" as part of the Cimatics program in Brussels as well as giving an informal artist presentation as part of the FILMOBILE exhibition I'm participating in in London.

Blogging will limited in the days ahead.

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