Monday, March 31, 2008

Late at Tate

If anyone is in London on Friday night and looking for something cool to do, you may want to check out the Late at Tate AV Social featuring "some of Europe's finest VJs and audiovisual artists." My colleagues at VJ Theory who are developing a multimedia publication on -- yes -- VJam theory that will include some of my own artist poetics, are part of the mix this week and the evening's event will feature some of the hottest AV talent in the UK plus a screening of Society of the Spectacle (A Digital Remix) [SOS] as well as clips from Debord's "original" SOS and the rare live viewing of Call It Sleep as part of a presentation curated by the Narrative Lab with selections from the editors of the VJ Theory book.

Of course, you could start your culture crawl in the late afternoon by going to the FILMOBILE event and then eventually make your way over to the Tate Britain for the social mixer.

(Aside: four years and over 40 exhibitions/screenings after its initial release, SOS still has legs and will be on display in other venues throughout the year. Check out the DJRABBI website for updates or to buy your own copy. Our work will also be featured later this month in Sao Paolo and Rio at "que situação, hein, debord?", yet another gig that I had to graciously decline the offer to fly out to due to intense postproduction on my Foreign Film Series and the general need to curtail travel from the distant South Pacific but that native son and quick-change artist Satellite Jockey will be attending).

make it REal.

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