Friday, March 07, 2008


As long as you're making yourself up as you go along, why not invent multiple personas that you can rapid prototype as just-in-time avatar action figures for whatever virtual environment you choose to immerse your headtrip in?

To improvise:

Top Ten Avatar Names for Second Life Personas

1. Nameless Hyun
2. Cannibal Lectern
3. Eureka Spurs
4. Sparky Gum
5. Diablo Entendre
6. Freak Meat
7. Seminal Suture
8. Rickshaw Junket
9. Wiley Juicy
10. Godless Mortal

One of those is actually my current name in SL.

(The others I just made up on the spot.)

I'll post some thoughts from that "i.d. other" in my next post.

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